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Membership of the Research Centre for Management and Social Studies (RCMSS) is opened to all serious minded researchers in the field of Public Administration, Social Sciences, Policy Sciences, Management Sciences, Development Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Political Sciences, Digital Economy, Education, Energy Studies, Human Resource Management, etc. Membership is also opened to research and professional organisations dealing with any of the concerns above.

Members of RCMSS shall enjoy following benefits provided they are up to date with their annual dues which shall be used to support the activities of the Centre. These benefits are:

i. 10% discount in the cost of pagination fee of each paper or review published in any of the five journals of RCMSS. RCMSS journals are peer reviewed journals published in Collaboration with the Researchersworld, India;

ii. 10% deductions in the participation fees of RCMSS conferences, workshops and training programmes;

iii. Possibility of being nominated to serve as a member of RCMSS Research Team  constituted to execute a research of interest for which Grants are supported; Such nomination shall be based on competence and criteria determined exclusively by the Management of the Centre;

iv. Recommendation of the Centre for research openings which shall be based on the fidelity of the member concerned. However, RCMSS shall not be held liable to any unethical behaviour manifested bysuch member after, during and after such recommendation made by the Centre;

v. Once cleared by the Management of the Centre and required dues paid as may be determined from time to time, such member of the Centre shall have his or name and listed on the membership section of RCMSS website;

vi. Members stand a chance of being elected by the Management of RCMSS to serve for a term of three years as a member of the Editorial Board of the Centre provided such person possess a PhD Degree and as made significant research contributions in the fields covered by RCMSS;

vii. Members are free to recommend to the RCMSS Team papers of the colleagues for publication in any RCMSS journals. Such papers shall however be suggested to the editorial policy of the journal concerned to ensure quality and consistency.

Membership Application

A formal application is required for RCMSS membership. Such application shall be addressed to the Secretary of RCMSS or the Managing and International Coordinator of the Centre and should be accompanied with a standard detailed Resume of the Applicant. Submission of application is electronically by the email of RCMSS. Applicant should at the point application a possessor of any of the following academic qualification: Higher National Diploma; First Degree; Masters or Doctorate Degree. Professional certificates are also accepted for membership like the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria or it equivalent.

Upon clearance by the Management of RCMSS, applicant shall pay an annual due of 300USD for new registration and 250USD for annual renewal of membership to support the activities and administrative expenses of the Centre.

As a way of being liberal, membership of RCMSS is also opened to students of Masters and Doctorate programmes in recognized institutions of learning.

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