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Papers of Journal of Integrative Humanism Volume 3 No 2 March 2014


Full E-Copy of Journal of Integrative Humanism Volume 3 No 2 March , 2014

Preliminary Pages


Rorty’s Intersubjective Agreement: Implications for Nigerian Polity
- Jude Onuoha A, Michael Ukah and Madu Hilary


2. Physical Development Planning Sub-Components as Veritable Instruments for Ordering Integrated Growth and Sustainable Development in Nigeria
- H. I. Okoro
3. Democracy and the Challenge of the Rule of Law in Developing Democratic Society
-Olatunji, Felix O.
4. Dr. Alex Ekwueme and the Sociopolitical Philosophy of Philanthropy
- Iks J. Nwankwor
5. Child Headed Households: Identification of the Households and Reasons for Their Formation in Resource Poor Communities in Soshanguve, South Africa
- Ibebuike, Julia E., Van Belkum, Corrien and Maja, Todd M.M.
6. On Causality and Science: Towards a Deconstruction of African Theory of Forces
- Chiedozie Okoro
7. The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment and their Impacts on Nigerian Economy (1975 – 2010)
- Ndem, S. Etim, Okoronkwo Onyebuchi and Nwamuo C. Udo
8. Racism, Hamitic Hypothesis and African Theories of Origin: The Unending Debate?
- Dan O. Chukwu and Christian C. Madubuko
9. Approaches and Effects Of Administrative Law In Nigerian Political And Administrative Setting
- Lily N.Ozumba
10. Revolutionary Impulse in Selected Poems of Hope Eghagha
- Mgbojirikwe Chinaka .C and Okoronkwo Onyebuchi
11. Philosophical Assessment of the Practicability of New Genetics
- Onuoha Jude .A. and Nwachukwu Simon .A
12. An Analysis of a New Dimension of Personal Names and Documentation in Ibibio Folk Philosophy: An Exercise in Linguistic Philosophy
- Ncha Gabriel Bubu and Imeobong Offiong
13. National Consciousness, Value Reorientation and Identity: An Integrative Humanist Approach
- Godfrey O. Ozumba

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