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Past Issue: JGGSDA, Vol.2 No.2, May, 2014

Table of Content 


Article Title/Author(s)

  Complete E-copy of Journal of Good Governance and Sustainable Development in Africa (JGGSDA) Vol. 2 No. 2, May, 2014  
  Preliminary pages of Journal of Good Governance and Sustainable Development in Africa (JGGSDA) Vol.2 No.2, May, 2014  
1. Hundred Years of Revenue Sharing in Nigeria: The Need for a Rethink
Inekwe, Murumba
2. Forced Consumption of Some Essential Consumer Brands Amongst Rural Dwellers in Africa: The Nigerian Experience
Ojatta Dominic Oteino, Momoh Yalo Isah & Oyaka James Oti
3. National Microfinance Policy and Credit Accessibility by Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs in Nigeria
Josephine Eluan Lloyd, PhD & Igbani Owede Robbins
4. ICT Infrastructure and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria: An Impact Assessment of Microfinance Banks
Mahmoud Umar, Umar G. Kari & Usman Bapi
5. War Economy and the Multi-million Dollars’ Security Contracts for Ex-Militant Leaders in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
Charles Alfred & Andeshi, Christopher Ale
6. Empirical study of the Impact of Corporate Governance on the Performance of Financial Institutions in Nigeria
Okoi Innocent Obeten & Stephen Ocheni
7. Impact of Technology On Modern Life: A Colossus in Defence and Security
Lukpata, Victor Ikong, & Andeshi Christopher A.
8. Globalisation and the Nigerian National Security: An Overview
Timothy Onimisi
9. Godfatherism, Party Politics and Democracy in Nigeria: Issues and Challenges
Attah Amana Philip; Audu Joel Samson & Haruna Paul
10, The Impact of Globalization on Domestic Political Structures in Established, Transitional and Non democracies
Everest Turyahikayo
11. Managing Post-retirement Conditions in Nigeria
Maji Ali
12. Reforms and Control of State Agencies in Tanzania
Andrew Sulle
13. Problematic of Political Violence and Money Politics in Africa: The Need to Enthrone Civil Authoritarianism
Ali S. Yusufu Bagaji; Haruna Halidu & Godwin E. Essoh
14. Good Governance and Credible Elections: A Panacea for Conflict Resolution in Nigeria
Beetseh, Kwaghga & Akpoo, Tarfa
15. National Economic Empowerment Development Strategies (NEEDS) and Labour in Nigeria, 2003-2007
Okonkwo C. Eze
16. Legal Justice and the Quest for Sustainable Development in Nigeria
Solomon, Kinsley Christopher & Samuel Aloysius Ekanem
17. Acquired Personality from Changing Work Environment and Obstacles to Learning Transfer
HARUNA Abdul & EDINO, Ferdinand Ojonimi
18. Environmental Cost Management and Profitability of Oil Sector in Nigeria (2004-2013)
Arong Fidelis Esira; Ezugwu Christian Ikechukwu & Egbere Michael Ikechukwu
19. Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN): A Chronological Description of its Functionality in the Aviation Industry
Omisore, Olatunmibi; Eri, Kayode & Paul, Salisu Ojonemi

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