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Research Centre for Management and Social Studies (RCMSS) is a non- governmental research body established to consult for organisations; conduct research and publish well researched papers aimed at accelerating socio-economic development in the vast areas of the world. The body places emphasis on governmental and non-governmental partnerships in achieving the above mission.

Primarily, the Centre’s interests are to conduct research and assist in the formulation and execution of programmes in the following and other areas that may be deemed imperative from time to time:

(i) Peace and conflict studies;
(ii) Capacity building in education and management;
(iii) Public administration and management;
(iv) Good governance and sustainable development in Africa and other parts of the world; and
(v) Democratic and development studies.

In addition to the above, RCMSS offers consultancy services to interested members of the public on agreed terms with the aim of advancing and developing the well-being of man and society.

As a way of expanding the existing knowledge in the field of Education, Social Sciences, Administration, Management Sciences, Development Studies, Policy Science, Peace and Conflict Studies, Democratic Studies, etc,RCMSSpublishes the following five blind peer-reviewedjournals in partnership with Researchersworld, India:

(a) International Journal of Public Administration and Management Research (IJPAMR);
(b) Journal of Good Governance and Sustainable Development in Africa (JGGSDA);
(c) International Journal of Capacity Building in Education and Management (IJCBEM);
(d) International Journal of Democratic and Development Studies (IJDDS); and
(e) International Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies (IJPCS).

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